What to do at Golte?

Have you also decided to change things up, and spend your summer vacation in the arms of the mountains? You are excited to spend your time exploring the nature around you, but now you are wondering what to do in Golte? We have prepared this post to help you with planning your trips and activities, so that you will be ready to set out in search of new experiences.

The Golte landscape park is a popular destination for many visitors who come here both from Slovenia and abroad. First of all, Golte is a pleasant ski area, suitable especially for families with children. However, this is not the only activity offered by Golte. Although the vast majority of people choose the sea for their summer vacation, vacationing in the mountains is not far behind.

Precisely because of the increasing demand, a lot of work and effort was put into a selection of a wide variety of outdoor activities. Places can boast of varied terrain and natural beauty have a big advantage, as the offer the chance of exploring many different activities. One such magical place is the protected Landscape Park Golte. Hiking trails, hidden natural corners, Golte Lake and many other destinations are an excellent predisposition for the creation of a tourist attractive offer, which, of course, must be carried out in a nature-friendly way.

Skiing, of course

When you hear the name Golte Landscape Park, most of you probably think of the well-known ski resort and recreation center. During the winter season, it offers the opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and sledding. However, in this post we will focus on the activities that are available to visitor in other seasons. Hiking trails are just one of the many options you can choose. Trust us, you will be surprised by the selection of activities and you’ll wish you could stay in Golte for a day or two more.

What to do in Golte in the summer?

A very popular and very well-known destination offered by the Golte Landscape Park is the Mozirska koča (unfortunately, the old cottage burned down, but a new one is already under construction). They are currently operating from a “replacement” cottage next to the previous location. There hikers can experience delicious homemade delicacies, such as traditional homemade apple or blueberry rolls (štrudelj) and štruklji. On your walk to the famous cottage, you will also be able to see the chapel of Jesus the Good Shepherd.

Hiking trails across Golte

Most of the Golte hiking trails are easy, varied and therefore a great choice for families with small children. They will be delighted to enjoy the clean and fresh mountain air. You can even reach a relatively large number of popular spots with a baby carriage. One of the easier routes is Boskovec, less than an hour and a half away from the Golte parking lot – all the Golte hiking trails are clearly marked, and at the top of this hill you will be able to sit on a wooden bench with your little ones and admire the beautiful view.

If you’d prefer a longer walk with your family, then you will definitely be impressed by the circular trail around Golte. At a normal pace, you will finish it in just under two and a half hours, and make a 400-meter difference in height. Normal hiking equipment will be sufficient for the hike. You can also visit the highest peak in Golte – Medvedjak. The Alpine Garden, which is a treasure trove of more than a hundred different alpine plants, will be especially interesting for children. The learning path through the garden leads provides you with interesting stories and lots of information. Parents can recharge their “batteries” at the energy points and have fun reading the “tree horoscope”. The most ardent hikers can choose the longer route to Smrekovec, a slightly more difficult trail over this long-extinct volcano.

Do you want to see another idyllic location that Golte has to offer? Lake Trije ploti is a fantastic vantage point that offers exceptional views of the surroundind mountains of the Kamnik-Savinjske Alps. You can walk through lushly flowering pastures where livestock graze undisturbed. Lake Trije Ploti is a good 20-minute walk away from the upper station of the Golte cable car. Visiting the lake is a great way to relax or have an adventure, as you can try your skills on a paddle board. Of course, you won’t go hungry – many cottages across Golte offer top-quality delicacies that will restore your energy.

For adrenaline junkies

For all those who are a bit more adventurous, the Golte Landscape Park offers many interesting options. You slide down a 200-meter-long steel zipline and feel the mountain wind in your hair, climb an artificial climbing wall with real climbing equipment, and discover the secrets of the cave world. The most heated adrenaline enthusiasts can also indulge in a parachute jump.

The bare hiking trails are also ideal for cyclists – you can choose between routes of different difficulty or rent an e-bike and “cheat” a little while overcoming the climbs. Bushcraft is certainly the most original and experiential activity. It’s a guided adventure that teaches you how to survive in nature – learn to start a fire, find wild food, herbs and prepare a wild meal.

With the selection of all the interesting experiences offered by the Golte Landscape Park, you will connect with nature to the greatest extent, feel it and appreciate it all the more.

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