Enjoy the longest cable car ride to Golte plateau

The Žekovec panoramic cable car, which takes you to the beautiful Golta plateau in just eight minutes, can boast of a real record. With a length of 3,265 meters, it is the longest cable car ride in Slovenia, which provides an unforgettable experience for anyone who visits Golte. The Golte cable car overcomes as much as 1,000 meters in height in record time – you get on it at the lower station, which is 490 meters above sea level, and then the cable car brings you safely to a wonderful 1,410 meters. A fantastic view of the Savinjska Valley is thus guaranteed.

How to get to the Golte cable car

The Golte cable car Žekovec is located under the beautiful Golte karst plateau – rather, its lower station. Here you board the cabin, which brings you exactly in front of the Montis Hotel. Your only task is to get to the longest cable car in Slovenia by car or any other means of transport you like. You can leave your car in the free large parking lot, which offers over 1,000 parking spaces (also suitable for buses and camper vans).

If you are coming from Ljubljana or its direction, then you have to take the highway towards Maribor. Anyone coming from the Styrian region, of course, the other way around – in the direction of Ljubljana. Both on the highway take the Šentrupert, Mozirje, Logarska dolina and Golte exits. You continue your journey all the way to Mozirje, where you turn right at the roundabout, and then just follow the road signs for Golte. Before long, you will see signs directing you towards the cable car. On its right side, you will see the previously mentioned parking lot, where you can leave your vehicle.

Since almost all of us use GPS devices on our journeys these days, finding the boarding station below should not be a major obstacle for you. The Golte cable car is located at the coordinates 46.356081°N / 14.932136°E, which you just need to enter in the chosen GPS device and soon the Golte cable car will take you to a wonderful view.

Helpful hints for visitors

The Golte cable car operates all year round, so you can use it to reach the plateau both during the winter and summer seasons. It will bring you to the top every day according to the schedule published below. This is posted at the entry station below and of course online. If you are traveling with a larger group, please register in advance by phone, to eliminate waiting time. Since the employees try to provide all visitors with a pleasant and safe ride, regular annual overhaul and other maintenance work is carried out on the cable car every year. At that time, of course, the Golte pendulum does not operate. In this case, you can reach the plateau by road.

The cable car to Golte runs every full hour according to the published operating hours. Of course, in the case of a large number of visitors, the frequency of rides increases. At that time, the Golte shuttle runs every half hour, but may be more often. Cable car Golte also offers special rides that can be done outside of its regular operating hours. In this case, the price of the special journey and the ticket according to the valid price list are paid. In winter, of course, different weather and snow conditions may occur, which are not suitable for the operation of the cable car and similar devices. At that time, its operation is temporarily paused to ensure your safety.

The Golte cable car ride is affordable

A ticket must be paid to ride the panoramic cable car. You can choose either a return or a one-way ticket. The price of a return ticket for adults is 16.00 euros, for children 11.00 euros, and pensioners and young people will pay 14.00 euros. We advise you to buy a return ticket, as it is a much cheaper than buying a one-way ticket. For comparison, you will pay 12.00 euros for a one-way ticket for adults, which would end up costing a lot more than buying a return ticket. You will probably want to return to the valley after some time, so choosing a return ticket makes much more than sense.

All those who visit Golte regularly can decide to buy a return season ticket or a mountain season ticket. For 110.00 euros or 89.00 euros, the Golte cable car will take you to the top throughout the season.

Cable car Golte also offers free transport of personal luggage and domestic animals. You will have to shell out some extra money for the transport of bicycles and paragliders. Upon prior agreement with the manager, it is also possible to transport special cargo to the Golte plateau, which must be properly prepared and insured.

The Golte cable car provides an unforgettable experience, and your children will especially enjoy the ride. Therefore, it is better to leave your car in the lower parking lot and take advantage of all the charms that the Golte panoramic cable car has to offer.

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