Golte trail – circular path across Golte

The Golte Trail is a themed circular route that takes you past many natural and cultural attractions in the area. It is approximately 6.5 kilometers long, and you will spend about 2 and a half hours walking along it. Despite the fact that it is a little longer, it is not too demanding, as you’ll only a 400 m height difference on the way. The Golte trail is suitable for both experienced and inexperienced hikers, families with children, the elderly and even four-legged companions.

Before you set off, make sure you have comfortable hiking equipment, take something to drinks with you (or stop at one of the mountain huts along the way), and definitely don’t forget to bring your camera as you’ll definitely want to press the shutter when you see the beautiful views.

You can start your journey right next to our apartments. (You can also get to Golte by swing or by car, which you can park at the Alpine Garden, where there is an arranged parking lot). Walk past the hotel towards the ski slope, where you will soon see a signpost that directs you to different routes around Golte. Choose “Pot po Golteh” (on some signposts also “Pot divjega petelina”) and start climbing the macadam road.

The path leads you uphill to the NOB monument, which was erected in memory of XIV. of the division that crossed the Golte mountain at this place in the winter of 1944. There is a rest area near the monument from which you can enjoy the view of the neighboring hills (Menina, Kum, Pohorje, Zasavsko hribovje,…).

Continue the journey past the upper station of the three-seater Medvedjak to the hut and the Trije ploti lake. You can stop in the cottage and enjoy some local delicacies, or you can stop by the lake and enjoy the beautiful view. The storage lake is located at 1,530 meters above sea level and provides water for making snow on ski slopes in winter.

Past the cottage, the path leads you towards Stari stani. At the resting place in the forest clearing, you can see a karst chasm. It is a typical karst phenomenon, characteristic of the Golte plateau, in which snow can remain even until the end of July.

Descend through the pasture to the western side of the mountain where the Stari stani are located – residences that were once used by shepherds on Golte. Refreshing drinks and culinary delights are available in the cottage.

Further on, the Golte trail leads you to the next karst chasm at Lahovnica. This part of the route takes you along the karst break-line, where there are many sinkholes and storm water sinks. Due to the specific composition of the soil, you can observe very specific types of plants in this area.

The next point on the way are Jezerca. Treat yourself to a short rest in a beautiful environment, and enjoy the peace, quiet and singing of the birds. Continue towards Zagradiške stan and then towards Boskovec. (If you wish, you can choose a shorter route and head past the Ledenice cave towards the Alpine garden.)

After about an hour’s walk from Jezerca, the Golte trail takes you past Zagradiški Stan and Istej towards the highest peak of the Golte plateau. (Here you can follow the mountain path towards Smrekovec – an extinct volcano, where today we find many special plants and one of the largest habitats of the heather cock.) The highest peak of Golte is Boskovec, which is 1,588 meters high. On it you will find an observation tower, which offers wonderful views of the nearby and distant surroundings.

The next sight that the path leads us past is the karst cave Ledenica. Due to its location, snow remains in it throughout the year. In the past farmers and shepherds used the cave to store their food.

From the cave, we continue past the chapel of Jesus the Good Shepherd towards Mozirska koča and the Alpine garden. Mozirska koča on the southern slope of Boskovac has been there since 1896, when it was built by the Savinja branch of the SPD. Despite the fact that it burned down several times, it was rebuilt and upgraded again and again. Unfortunately, it burned to the ground again in a fire in 2021, but you can still enjoy their culinary offerings in an alternate location just a few meters away from the original location.

At the end of the trail, visit the Alpine Garden, where you’ll find indigenous naturally grown plants, typical of Golte. The plants are marked, and the paths between the flower beds are well arranged and secured. A walk around the approximately 2 ha garden will take you about an hour. The paths through the garden are equipped with rest areas and information boards.

The circular Golte trail then takes you back to the location where our apartments, hotel and the upper station of the panoramic pendulum are located. If you wish to learn more about the different paths across Golte you can read more about them HERE.

We hope you enjoyed your walk and took many wonderful photos. Share them with us on our Facebook page and Instagram profile or use #apartmajigolte.

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