The magic of nature in the Golte landscape park

The Golte landscape park is an excellent location for anyone who likes to enjoy the pleasant embrace of nature while performing sports activities. It is located in the heart of the Savinja Valley and you can reach it by enjoying a ride on the longest cable car in Slovenia – in just 8 minutes you will be able to admire the valley from an altitude of 1410 meters above sea level. Of course, this is not the only option. In good weather, the road to Golte will also take you to your destination. The altitude you will have to overcome is as much as 1,000 meters, so your journey will be a bit longer. We definitely recommend that you experience the fantastic experience of riding the cable car, and you will be able to about this pleasant adventure for a long time afterwards.

In the heart of unspoilt nature

Golte is a high karst plateau that has reigned the eastern Kamnik-Savinja Alps for many years. If you still remember high school times and geography classes, then you definitely know what material builds the karst world. We are talking about limestone, which, due to its unique properties, enables the formation of karst sinkholes, caves and dry valleys. The karst surface literally swallows water, and this is also the main feature that gave this beautiful plateau its name.

The location of the Golte plateau is interesting due to its incredible proximity. The entrance station of the cable car is located only 17 kilometers or, to put it simply, a 20-minute drive from the Šentrupert highway exit in the direction of Mozirje. You will be able to park your car in the arranged parking lot next to the lower station of the cable car. The altitude of the plateau was perfect for a ski recreation center to be built in this excellent location.

Spend your free time as you see fit

The plateau offers an abundance of various possibilities for recreation and quality leisure time in nature. With the longest Žekovec cable car, you can take your children to the very heart of natural beauty. Cable car takes you to Hotel Montis, which can also be accessed by road. In the hotel, you can relax in the pleasant wellness center, which offers massages, saunas and different massage pools.

If you are more sporty, a hike along a wide variety of hiking trails is the right choice for you. Numerous marked trails, ascents and the circular ‘Road across Golte’ will ensure the realization of your hiking goals. Afterwards, you can rest your tired legs in the famous Mozirska koča on Golte and fill your hungry stomach with local delicacies.

For all adrenaline enthusiasts and those who want to spend their vacation as actively as possible, we recommend going down a zipline, climbing a climbing wall, mountain biking, caving or the increasingly popular bushcraft / survival course in nature. Do you dare?

Ski on the white slopes of Golte plateau

The plateau offers a range of different activities, but of course, it is best known for its ski resort. How could they not be, when this particular ski resort has been repeatedly chosen as the best ski resort in Slovenia. Cable car or the road to Golte take you to an altitude between 1,250 and 1,600 meters above sea level, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of as many as 50 hectares of varied ski slopes. Snowboarding, sledding and ski touring are activities you can enjoy in winter.

Visitors are particularly impressed by the wide and long ski tracks that ensure uninterrupted skiing. No descent down the white slopes is complete without several stops, which offer unforgettable views of the Savinjska valley and the Kamnik-Savinjska Alps. Regardless of how good a skier you are, the ski resort will surely fulfill your skiing wishes. A little more than 12 kilometers of ski tracks are suitable for beginners as well as true master skiers.

Since this beautiful plateau is located within the Landscape Park, everyone, both employees and visitors, tries to preserve nature as much as possible. Despite the infrastructure that ensures an undisturbed and comfortable vacation, every activity is carried out in accordance with nature-friendly rules. Thanks to the respectful behaviour of everyone who visits Golte, you too can enjoy the magic of this natural and preserved area. Therefore, let’s all work together to ensure that the natural corners of our country remain beautiful and well preserved.

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